Our Team

Gianfranco De Franco

Gianfranco worked in retail management for more than 20 years with a high street chemist. Having decided on a change of career, he studied in his own time and successfully qualified as a Legal Executive in 2008. He then decided to go a step further and qualified as a Solicitor in 2009. Having spent the majority of his working life outside of law, he brings a fresh outlook to many legal issues and has proven expertise and qualities in dealing with the public.

Areas of Work

Gianfranco specialises in Buying & Selling Property, Bereavement & Probate, Wills and Matters for Elderly Clients. These areas demand patience, understanding and a sympathetic ear which he learned and used throughout his time in commercial management.

Outside work, Gianfranco enjoys all sport but especially squash, badminton and golf.

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